Environmental Policy

One of Pembrokeshire’s premier hotels, Wolfscastle Country Hotel & Allt yr Afon Restaurant is a Visit Wales Four star rated establishment. Situated in the small village of Wolfscastle, near Haverfordwest, the hotel caters for residents and restaurant diners, parties, weddings, and conferences of varying sizes.

The hotel was established in 1976 and since this time has increased its service considerably. The expansion of the hotel has also resulted in a greater level of environmental impact resulting from its operations, specifically the production of waste materials and the consumption of energy and water resources.

The team at Wolfscastle are committed to continually improving the hotel’s environmental performance. This commitment incorporates the compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and adherence to the principles of pollution prevention.

Furthermore the hotel shall aim for the responsible use of energy supplies by phasing in more efficient energy measures and encouraging good energy practices amongst its staff members and guests. The hotel has also instituted a green procurement policy to help ensure the food and drink it purchases is from fair-trade, organic and/or local sources wherever possible.

Addtionally the hotel also underwent an audit by WRAP Cymru as recognition of its commitment to recycling and the reduction of food waste.  This result in the appointment of an in house Waste Champion and a continual 6 monthly audit of waste generation within the business.

This policy will be reviewed annually and made available to all guests and members of staff.