Review from Travel with Bender

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting travel bloggers Erin and Josh Bender and their two children during their time in Wales:

“Little did I know but we were about to visit one of the best restaurants we’ve dined at in the last 3 years. We’ve eaten at close to 1000 restaurants across 50+ countries in recent years and this one ranks in my favourite 5. So when I heap praise on this fine establishment, please understand it’s no small feat and certainly not something I do every day.”

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Cookery Demonstration

DSC03957-300x225Recently, Head Chef Tom Simmons held a cookery demonstration and four course dinner for guests in our Garden Room.

Tom gave professional insights as he prepared dishes in front of the audience which were then enjoyed at dinner in the restaurant. The menu included:

Canapés ~ seared fillet, choux bun, horseradish cream, smoked haddock & salmon fishcake, dill tartare sauce  Read more

Lunch with the Jocelyn Trio

The quirky Jocelyn dudes were in full swing as I entered the room. Diners were tapping their toes, with one corpulent gent just about keeping the beat with his spoon.

I soon discovered  why this was called the banqueting suite – it really was a feast to remember. I went a bit retro to begin with but luckily this wasn’t one of those pink and gooey horror stories from days of yore. No, this was a delicate prawn cocktail with the added touch of rolled brown bread and smoked salmon.  Read more

“One of the best Sunday lunches ever”

Tim Davey, from the Bristol Evening Post, recently dropped by for lunch – this is what he wrote about us in the resulting Pembrokeshire travel feature…

“…we headed out again for Sunday lunch to the Wolfscastle Hotel in the village of the same name. Here we had what all four of us agreed was one of the best Sunday lunches ever. It was busy when we arrived and you soon found out why once our food, including scallops, began arriving. It was superb quality and astonishing value.”

Foodepedia reviews the restaurant…

untitled911We’re proud to have become the first Welsh restaurant to be reviewed by London-based Foodepedia. Click here to see what they had to say…