Insider’s Guide to Fishguard and Goodwick

Lower-Fishguard-02-150x150Fishguard and Goodwick are welcoming Pembrokeshire communities, only a 10 minute drive (7.5 miles) from Wolfscastle Country Hotel.

Rich in history and character, and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, we’d recommend a visit – here are a few local highlights to enjoy when you come and stay with us:

1) Discover Pencaer

This beautiful peninsula juts out into the sea west of Goodwick, and is known for its stunning landscapes and seascapes, and fascinating archaeology – including ancient hill forts and numerous ancient burial chambers.  Read more

Puffin-spotters guide to Pembrokeshire

PuffinPic-150x150The puffin is one of Britain’s favourite birds. With its big, colourful bill and soulful eyes, it’s one that just about everybody recognises – and wants to see.

And Pembrokeshire is one of the best places to see puffins in Wales, or anywhere around the British coast – it’s all about timing and location…

To see Pembrokeshire’s remarkable range of seabirds – including puffins – you have to visit the coast during their breeding seasons. For a couple of months colonies are buzzing with birds, but once the season’s youngsters have flown the nest, the cliffs and islands get much quieter.  Read more

Author Niall Griffiths explores Wolfscastle, and the local Landsker…

TreffgarneRocks-150x150Cas-blaidd, or Castle of the Wolf; such a ringing and evocative name. The origins of it are immaterial, really – mysteries explained cease to be mysteries. Better to immerse yourself in the magic of Pembrokeshire than seek explication. You don’t bring your desk with you, when you come to this place.

The castle is of the motte-and-bailey type, a bracken-captured hump standing some six metres high. The building of the nearby A40 in the 1920s destroyed some sections of the bailey but the antiquity of the place is unquestionable, and palpable; potsherds found in the paler soil of the site indicate an earlier Iron Age structure, built on to strengthen the Landsker line, a string of fortifications erected by the Anglo-Normans to protect their south Pembrokeshire colony from the native Welsh.  Read more

“Perfect Pembrokeshire”

Treffgarne-Gorge1-150x150Brian Parrot of the Daily Mirror stayed with us recently while exploring the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline, click below to see what he had to say!

Black Bart and the Pirates of Pembrokeshire!

Barti-Ddu-04-150x150Bartholomew Roberts, also known as Black Bart or Barti Ddu, came from Little Newcastle – a village just a few miles from this hotel, in the foothills of the Preseli Mountains. He went on to raid over 400 ships in the Caribbean, going down in pirate history for his audacity.

You can see a memorial to the man on Little Newcastle’s village green. And he’s not the only renowned pirate to have come from Pembrokeshire…

Read more

A wonderful walk through the Anghof Valley…

rsz_dscf11011-150x150Countryside writer, Julian Rollins, enjoys a walk through the wooded Anghof Valley, from the hotel to St Dogwell’s Church and back. Distance: Approx 2.8 miles. Grade: Easy.

You can see the starting point for this short walk from the Wolfscastle Country Hotel. It’s just across the road, where the village’s motte-and-bailey is hidden among a stand of trees. A motte-and-bailey was “entry level” castle building, a simple earthwork with a log wall and the Norman invaders of the early Middle Ages put up thousands of them. Read more