• Experience our brand new Thermal Suite

    Melt away the stress in our Thermal Suite as part of our spa treatments

  • 2 treatments & 2 course lunch just £70pp

    Enjoy two 30 minute long treatments in our new spa, plus a choice of either a 2 course lunch or afternoon tea

  • Choose from our relaxing Made For Life treatments

    Creating a new sense of wellbeing for the body, mind and emotions.

Here at The Wolfscastle beauty and Wellness spa we work with Spiezia organics, a range of products that have been developed by combining dermatological science with the strength and purity of botanicals. Spiezia’s formulations are created using the synergy of organic herbs and flowers to be effective and uplifting.

When it comes to natural nails, Jessica Nailcare products are considered a world leading brand, offering a range of luxury manicures and pedicures.

Along with their sister company Mii-cosmetics, offering a pure mineral based range, to suit all skin types.

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Pregnancy Pampering

Benefits of pregnancy massage:

-Relieves aches and pains

-Promotes relaxation

-Promotes bonding with baby

-Reduces headaches

-Relieves Sciatica and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

– Improvement of posture

– Improves the circulatory system

– Improves sleep

– Reduces swelling

– Reduces cramping

– Helps reduce high blood pressure

– Helps to avoid varicose veins from developing

Back, shoulders and leg massage

£40.00 | 45 minutes

Full body massage and mini facial

£80.00 | 90 minutes

  • We do massage for ladies in all trimester of their pregnancies.
  • We recommend pregnant ladies not use the hot tub or sauna pod.

Reflexology Treatments

Reflexology uses the feet as a map of the entire body, by applying pressure and managing the reflexes of the feet the whole body can be treated.

Tensions are released, circulation is increased, the lymphatic system is stimulated and the body is facilitated to bring it back to its natural balance.

Reflexology can be used on hands as well as feet.

30-minute treatment


6 x 30 minute sessions in advance


50-minute treatment


6 x 50 minute sessions in advance


Made For Life – New Treatments!

Detox Body Treatment

£55.00 | 60 minutes

Invigorate the senses with this stimulating and cleansing body boost.

This detoxifying treatment begins with stimulating body brushing, followed by a skin smoothing body exfoliation and invigorating body massage.

Wolfscastle Warmer Facial

£45.00 | 45 minutes

Refresh your complexion with this nourishing organic beauty boost that deeply cleanses and brightens the skin. A tension relieving shoulder, neck and face massage with warm volcanic stones eases away stresses, creating a deeper sense of relaxation.

Luxury Spa Packages

Day Spa Package


Includes one 60 minute treatment or two 30 minute treatments, Afternoon Tea or a Two Course Lunch.

Twilight Spa Package


Includes one 60 minute treatment or two 30 minute treatments, and a Two Course Dinner

Made For Life

Relax into radiance

£75.00 | 90 minutes

Relax your mind and body with this exfoliation and massage treatment. Long smooth strokes, melting away tension from over-worked muscles and preparing the body for a skin softening body exfoliation.

Back to Life

£45.00 | 45 minutes

A luxurious and relaxing treat for the back, neck and shoulders. Starting with a back exfoliation, a melting muscle massage is designed to release aches and reduce tension in those most affected areas.

Face and Eyes

Express Facial

£35.00 | 30 minutes

Radiance facial

£55.00 | 60 minutes

An organic facial which detoxifies, cleanses and refreshes the skin, leaving you looking and feeling radiant.

Relax, Rejuvenate & Uplifting Facial

£65.00 | 75 minutes

Uplifting facial using nourishing oil, balms and specific massage techniques to tone, lift and stimulate the blood flow, leaving the skin glowing and rejuvenated.

This facial is an instant boost for those busy, time deprived moments. Refresh your complexion with this organic beauty boost that nourishes, refines and brightens the skin.

Spiezia Power Moments

Soul Sensation

£39.00 | 30 minutes

It’s all about the Soul; refresh those tired and aching feet. Rebalancing the body and mind.

Tender Touch

£39.00 | 30 minutes

Hand massage and reflexes, helps to relieve that everyday stress.

Mind your Head

£39.00 | 30 minutes

Consisting of the Head, Neck and shoulders. Concentrating on the tension prone areas.

Open your Eyes

£39.00 | 30 minutes

Concentrating on the eye area, perfect for those tired eyes. For a brighter and more radiant appearance conscious and sub-conscious mind and body.


Mini Manicure

£25.00 | 30 minutes

Luxury Manicure

£38.00 | 50 minutes

Choice of either paraffin wax OR mask and heated mitts

GELeration Gel Overlays

£30.00 | 35 minutes

Nails and cuticles tidied and finished with Jessica soak off gel nail polish

(additional £5.00 for French polish application)


Mini Pedicure

£25.00 | 30 minutes


£38.00 | 50 minutes

Choice of either paraffin wax OR mask and heated mitts

(additional £2.00 for French polish application)

Lashes & Brows

Eyelash Tint


Eyebrow Tint


Lash & Brow Tint


(Patch test is required 24hrs before treatment)


Eyebrow Shape


Full Leg


Half Leg






Chest Wax


Bikini Wax


Lip Wax


Chin Wax


Body & Holistic Treatments

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

£35.00 | 30 minutes

Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

£40.00 | 30 minutes

Full Body & Scalp Massage

£55.00 | 60 minutes

Deep Tissue Full Body & Scalp Massage

£60.00 | 60 minutes

Hot Stone Back Massage

£40.00 | 30 minutes

Hot Stone Full Body

£60.00 | 60 minutes

Indian Head Massage

£39.00 | 45 minutes