Andy’s Blog- Summer 2024

Pembrokeshire and dogs have been synonymous to me ever since I came here in 1972 to run my father’s hotel in St Davids. I used to relax with my golden labrador, Mutley, by walking along the beautiful coastline of the Pembrokeshire coastal path, with views stretching from the north to the south of Pembrokeshire.

Many times, guests at the hotel would end up taking Mutley with them. One particular couple, upon leaving the hotel and loading their estate car, returned to reception to ask if I could get Mutley out of the car. He was sitting quite comfortably amongst the bags, looking forward to his next walk along a beautiful Pembrokeshire beach. A sharp word with him, and Mutley was back in the hotel, ready for the next guest who arrived for a holiday in Pembrokeshire to take him on beautiful cliff walks, watching all sorts of sea and bird life.

When I arrived at The Wolfscastle Country Hotel in 1976, in the heart of Pembrokeshire, Mutley was replaced by Dudley, another Golden Labrador. Many skirmishes occurred, as in those days, dogs tended to roam freely. One not-too-pleased neighbour frequently asked for his wellingtons back, which Dudley had decided to abscond with. It became quite expensive with free pints given by way of an apology.

The Wolfscastle Country Hotel is still going strong, and my present dog Freddie, a cocker spaniel, goes out daily as we venture into Pembrokeshire’s beautiful countryside and onto beaches or back along the Pembrokeshire coastal path. The wildlife, the sunsets, and the views all change with the seasons making it such a peaceful place to live.

A week or so ago we had a bottomless afternoon tea at The Wolfscastle Country Hotel. It was such a great day with more than 100 people, plentiful food, and as many drinks as you could enjoy in 1 ½ hours. The bottomless brunch was serenaded by Emma the sax player, and it was anything but peaceful—a great afternoon to be repeated on the 31st of August, so put that in your diary.

We have just started our new summer menu to reflect the fresh Pembrokeshire produce available, so come along and enjoy the creations of our seven chefs.

Diolch yn fawr.

Andy & Mandy Stirling